In this tutorial we will make a text effect. Which will looking plentiful and celestial. To make this we can use may kind of design software. Like: Graphics software, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Paint.Net, Paint also there are huge amount of software. Through which we can make more and more design like text effect. The final image is here:


For this I will use Adobe Photoshop. So collect and install the software. If the software hasn’t in your collection download from different side as like from Google. Open the Photoshop and create a new document. Size should be 1000 x 700 pixels. If want to write as like me of two words. I wrote COLOR EXPERTS. You can write as you want, it can be two or three words.

After writing I would like to set cloud. Through go to Filter => Render => Clouds set the clouds. Here seeing the cloud effect on the new created document. Now have to write something which I told previous: COLOR EXPERTS. For this select the Horizontal Type Tool by press “T” or Before writing we should set the foreground color to black and background color to white through press “D”. The image is given below:


Now press Ctrl+Click on text layer, set up Select => Feather. Enter value 3 and hide the text layer.


Press X and we will see that foreground color will be white and background color black. I would like to set background color as 7E7E7E. Create a new layer and go to Filter => Render => Cloud. Now go to Layer => Image => Flatten Image and press the eye of hidden layer.


Rotate canvas through press Image => Rotate Canvas => 90CW. And go to Filter => Stylize => Wind: Method. Press Ctrl+F, again do this. After that Image => Rotate Canvas => 90CCW. We will see the normal image. Again go to Filter => Sharpen => Unsharp Mask. Set the Amount as 500%, Radius as 2 and Threshold as 0. Then Filter => Sharpen => Sharpen. These way we can make like this image text effect.


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